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Why is Fiber Internet the Best?

Posted by wsmeyer on December 1, 2023

For most people the only time they are concerned about their internet is when they are watching video and suddenly get what we call the swirling dervish, the dreaded buffering, which means they can’t finish watching the end of a tearjerker movie or the last play of a sporting event, or worse the last few seconds of a file that you need uploaded to your office server 🙁 Why is fiber the best? Simply put it is because Fiber internet is carried by a cable filled with thin glass or plastic fibers. Data travels through them as beams of light pulsed in a pattern, there is nothing to interfere with the delivery of your internet.

So when you are looking for that dream property how do you know what type of service is available to the property? Most people ask the property owner, but is this reliable? Over one third of Americans do not know what speed of internet they are paying for. Google is not the best place to look either, for example if you Google “Best Internet Service Provider” and enter the zip code, the providers who pay advertising will always show up at the top of the list and most of the time they are the SLOWEST providers of internet service to your dream property. I typed in my zip code and the service I use which is the fastest, and is fiber, is at the bottom of the list!

Fiber – Wireless – Satellite – Which is best for you?

Availability is the key and if your property does not have the gold standard of fiber, second place right now goes to cable or Starlink satellite if either are available. You should also ask if you have a fiber to the home connection. If fiber goes to a collection point or node, it’s then delivered from that node to all of the other properties connected to that node. This is not ideal because after everyone is home in the evening their internet slows way down, a common complaint from cable internet consumers. Imagine a single outside water faucet connected to three different garden hoses, when all of them are delivering water they all slow way down. includes the internet availability in all verifiable property listings on our website so tell your friends who are looking for South Dakota properties to check our site out if they want the scoop on doing away with the dreaded screen buffering.

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